50/50 Raffle Rules Ontario

9. The 50/50 jackpot amount will be published online on www.ontariokofc.ca. Once your licensed sweepstakes is complete, you will be required to submit reports. The report must be submitted within 30 days of the event in accordance with the terms of the license. An electronic draw involves using computers to sell tickets, select winners and distribute prizes. 6. Tickets will be sold through an electronic raffle system of Ascend Fundraising Solutions. Electronic sweepstakes solutions developed by your charity or organization must be reviewed and approved by the AGCO`s technical and laboratory services. Please use the Electronic Draw Solution Verification Form to submit your proposed solution for evaluation and email the form to lotterylicensing@agco.ca. The amount of 50/50 is determined according to the number and value of tickets purchased. The winner will receive 50% of the total amount of 50/50 raffle ticket sales. A raffle lottery is a system in which tickets are sold for a chance to win a prize in a random draw and includes 50/50 draws, elimination draws and calendar draws. Organizations authorized under this framework may use computers to sell raffle tickets, select prize draw winners, and distribute contest prizes within the parameters of this framework.

AGCO has reviewed the online platform for this contest and complies with AGCO`s applicable technical standards for electronic draws. The Licensee is responsible for ensuring that all online sales comply with the Terms and Conditions. Any proposed modification to the Platform is subject to the prior approval of the Registrar. 7. After purchase, customers will receive a confirmation email with their ticket numbers registered 50/50 from a random selection system. The numbers are randomly generated. A Catch the Ace Progressive Raffle Lottery is a multi-draw game in which participants purchase tickets for a chance to win: Licensees are responsible for compliance with the terms and conditions of the Contest License and any additional conditions associated with the License, and must include in the Ticket Rules a reference to the odds of winning (if any). Samples of print advertising and radio and television scripts are submitted to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario for review as part of the licensing process. AGCO does not allow advertising. it is the licensee`s responsibility to ensure that the promotional content complies with the Terms and Conditions and any other requirements. The Registrar of Alcohol and Gaming has the right to require a licensee to remove or change advertising at any time. A community may issue a paper raffle lottery licence to eligible local non-profit or religious organizations when the total value of the prizes to be awarded does not exceed $50,000.

A lump sum raffle license allows eligible organizations to obtain a lottery license to organize and manage more than one type of raffle event within a set time frame and in a limited prize amount. 10. The winning number will be announced online at www.ontariokofc.ca. The winners agree to the publication of their name and photograph by the licensee for advertising purposes. For 50/50 Hospital payroll draws, check the rules of the game. For paper sweepstakes with prizes over $50,000 and all electronic draws, please contact the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO). I`m trying to figure out how to manage a 50/50 online to raise money for a small hockey team. Will I still need a license? I have no idea how many tickets we would sell. I have no idea how to start. For more information on lottery licenses, see AGCO`s Lottery License Policy Manual. A ticket will be drawn. The value of the prize is 50% of the total sale at random 50/50.

8. The winning ticket number will be selected by a computerized random number generation (RNG) system from all raffle numbers sold for the draw. Ontario Problem Gaming Helpline (1-888 – 230 – 3505) www.connexontario.ca The draw must take place on the dates, times and locations specified on the licence application as submitted and approved by the Registrar, regardless of the outcome of the sale of raffle tickets. Failure to conduct a prize draw as stated constitutes a violation of the terms of this license. The names of the early bird holders and Grand Prize winners will be posted on the State of Ontario website under www.ontariokofc.ca.