Adjetivos Do Legal

“It was really nice to meet my friends yesterday.” The legal can also take the meaning of the adverb, which signals a pleasant or pleasant mode. To say that something is cool is to say it is fine. The phrase “OK” has the same idea and corresponds to a confirmation, as in “OK, I`m going to meet you at home”. In the sense of in the law can be legally used as follows: Adjective It refers to judicial laws; Legally established, defined, approved or originating: legal tender. [Informal] Beautiful, friendly, interesting, funny; It qualifies positively on different things or people: the show was cool. [Informal] This is no problem: work is legal, adverb In a good, pleasant and pleasant way: work remains legal. Etymology (origin of the legal word). From the Latin legalis.e; lex.legis. To say that someone or something is legal is a permit, it is to say that it is beautiful, good or pleasant, without using any formality. For example: This is not permitted© by law; illegal. This is not allowed©: 1 prohibited, censored, prohibited, unscrupulous, convicted, closed, disapproved, unauthorized, prevented, prohibited, refused, deleted, deleted, fenced, veto. This is not allowed© by law: 2 extrajurãdico, extralegal, illegal, illegal, ilãcito, irregular.

In English, it can be translated with the word of the same legal spelling when it comes to legality, and kind or cool, complementary to the adjective. Something that is found in the laws of the regents. Legality. The adjective legal has its origin in the Latin word legalis, which is the legal word (from the Latin Lex). It corresponds to what has been regulated and established by the legislator and is part of the regulation. A nice guy knows that there has to be a balance in communication. He knows when to stop and let you speak, when to listen to you, and when to ask questions. While you may rise up on certain topics, you can still show your opinion and will never feel less important. “The measures taken were legal and provided for in the Treaty.” The legal is what is in the law, in the formal sense, or what is positive, in its familiar use. 1 legal, regular, sanctioned, legitimate, legal, secure, defined, regulated, established, authorized, authorized. God has traced everyone`s path: the flight of the falcon is not the same as that of the swan, but it does not matter as long as everyone serves truth and justice. 4 jewels, exceptional, excellent, exceptional, very good, impressive, perfect, magnificent, remarkable, special.

2 pleasant, committed, impatient, cautious, good, probo, honored, dedicated, undesirable, beautiful, festive, decent, decent, correct, upright, demanding, funny, honest, dignified, gracious, friend, different, joyful, beautiful, beautiful, kind, friendly, friendly, just, curious, attractive, exquisite, interesting, polite, polite, polite, polite, friendly, friendly, friendly, friendly, friendly, friendly, friendly, friendly, 2, 2, polite, friendly, friendly, friendly, 1. A beautiful thing that is considered good to do or be with it can be something or someone. In the 1980s, in Brazil, it took on a new meaning and began to be used as a praise slang term. The term became popular and eventually entered dictionaries effectively. 3 in order, very good, fair, regulated, positive, no problems either. 1- Fun, interesting. 2- That it be done in accordance with the law. Legal is synonymous with: legitimate, legal, authorized, established, sanctioned 1. 2. In order, it`s true, no problems. 3.

Something or someone positive. Get to know righteousness and not despise the gods. 5 Kind, generous, charitable, human, benevolent, benevolent, benign, benevolent, forgiving, merciful, merciful, pious, benevolent©. Beautiful feminine: 6 beautiful, pleasant, friendly, charming, delicious, pleasant, pleasant, sweet.