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Thus, it will be possible to transport only one carton of cigarettes by car, compared to four previously, according to a government amendment that lowers the thresholds of presumption of commercial ownership. If the person checked carries more than one carton of cigarettes from Spain and/or more than the maximum quantity of tobacco allowed for the other categories, he is asked to explain the use of these goods. Customs will question them to ensure that this purchase is for their personal use and not for resale. The person must then prove that it is not a purchase for commercial purposes. If the customs considers that the cartons of cigarettes are not intended for his personal consumption, the traveler risks a fine of 750 euros. As for the goods, he has the choice to hand them over to customs or to pay the French taxes applicable to tobacco (840 euros for 20 cartridges), in addition to those already paid in Spain at the time of purchase. In case of proven traffic, the carrier risks up to one year in prison. Finally, it should be noted that the online purchase of tobacco on the Internet is prohibited. In case of control during delivery, customs will confiscate the goods. The maximum allowable amount of tobacco that can be returned from abroad has recently been reduced.

As a result, the number of approved cigarette packs has increased from four to a single carton per person. This decrease in tobacco volumes was formalized by Law No. 2020-935 of 30 July 2020 on the change of finances for 2020 (Article 51), which amended Article 575 İ of the General Tax Code. ©In accordance with Law Ley 7/2006 of 24. In October, the purchase and consumption of alcohol on the street in open spaces outside the premises signed by the town hall is generally©©prohibited©©. Any visitor© leaving the European©Union can request a refund of the VAT applied©© to purchases in our Autonomous Community©. Spanish©law stipulates that the minimum amount of purchases made in a store in one day©must be 90.15 to request©the Tax Free invoice. The refund request must be made©in the store itself upon presentation©of the appropriate place of©residence. The buyer then has a period©of 3 months to©present the invoice and purchases to customs for approval and stamping, then request the refund at one of the authorized©©counters at the main Andalusian / Spanish airports©. The National Assembly voted on Wednesday (8.

July) to reduce certain purchases of cigarettes and tobacco allowed in neighbouring countries such as Spain before they are returned to the France as part of the examination of the third draft crisis budget. The purchase of tobacco on a website is prohibited. The goods will be confiscated© by customs before delivery. European law guarantees the free movement of goods, but this is a trick to circumvent it. Unlike the title, you can buy 10 trucks of cigarettes if you wish, but you can only transport 200 cigarettes (1 “cartridge”) on the national territory. So, if it is possible for clopes, we do the same for fruits, vegetables, household appliances, electronics, cars, etc. How many packs of cigarettes can be imported from Spain in 2022? An update on the maximum quantity applicable and the risks in case of customs control. Andorra, where the purchase of cigarettes is already limited to 1 and a half cartridges, is not affected by the measure. Hey Geoff, thank you for coming it`s a pleasure 😉 Don`t worry about the reform, nothing has been done yet and then you know what the Spaniards look like: before the reform is really implemented, you have to wait for a lease! Finally, cigarette or not, it will not prevent us from celebrating ^^ by the way, if you have the good idea to come back to the region, do not hesitate to let us know! Good luck in the Parisian fog! A + Kévin The regulations for the transport of cartons of cigarettes returned from Spain are the same as for imports from other countries of the European Union: we do not bring back into France a quantity of tobacco higher than the limit established by law, the goods transported can be intended exclusively for the personal consumption of the traveler. In the event of a check by customs officers, they will therefore check the quantity of tobacco transported. A limit applies to the transport of cartons of cigarettes, but also roll-your-own tobacco, cigars and cigarillos.

The maximum quantities are shown in the table below. Summary Number of cigarette packs that can be returned from Spain Penalty for exceeding the tobacco limits reported by Spain How much tobacco can be returned from Spain to France? That. Although it is still possible to buy tobacco in Spain or neighboring countries, French MEPs decided on Wednesday 8 July to limit the quantities of cigarettes allowed abroad. These maximum levels for tobacco may be combined by category. It is therefore possible in 2022 to bring a carton of cigarettes, 250 grams of roll-your-own tobacco, 50 cigars and 100 cigarillos at a time from Spain. These limits apply per person, not per vehicle. The limit quantities are the same regardless of the means of transport: car, plane, train. Quotas for imported tobacco may also be combined with quotas for alcohol returned from Spain. Failure to comply with these prohibitions or the production of a minor beverage to the point of drunkenness will be punishable by a fine. If these offences are in addition to other penal provisions already mentioned to punish public drunkenness, they are punishable by an increased fine and a prison sentence of one year (Articles L.

3353-3 and L. 3353-4 of the Public Health Code). The minimum age©for the purchase and consumption of alcohol and tobacco is 18 years. Thank you for your comment! Yes, the idea of making all restaurants, bars and other public spaces non-smoking is making its way to Europe and the rest of the world. Luckily, the weather in Barcelona is good enough to spend your time on the terraces or outside! Smoking tobacco (roll-your-own tobacco, hookah tobacco and other tobaccos) It is true that many people do not tolerate smoking for various reasons, and as you said, it will only be luck for those affected!!!! So I expect to see you soon in a tapas bar to enjoy this new freedom, Spain 🙂 is more advanced than the France when it comes to tobacco. The latter has just postponed the legal smoking age to 18. There is also a very interesting article on this subject, which you can consult via the address: and which is entitled “No tobacco 18 years ago”. We will still have to freeze them outside to smoke. It will be like in Paris: in the pits, instead of feeling the cliff, feeling the sweat and the feet, there will be big !!! In accordance with the provisions of Article L. 3342-1 of the Health Act: “In drinking establishments and all establishments or public places, it is forbidden to sell or offer alcoholic beverages free of charge to minors under sixteen years of age for consumption on the spot or to take them away.” However, smoking is allowed on the terraces of the bars. As far as smoking clubs are concerned, it is essential that they have a seat composed of members and created exclusively for tobacco consumption.

300 pieces© or 1 and a half cartridges (1 cartridge + 5 packs). – on the one hand, foreign legislation prohibiting the sale of tobacco to minors; In this context, the proposal to ban the sale of tobacco to minors in France is based on: (Source: Report of the Working Group on the Prohibition of the Sale of Tobacco to Minors Under 16) Does this apply to the shisha bar? Or are there laws on this subject through prohibitions or restrictions on the sale of tobacco to minors in the European Union In the United States, finally, in 1992, Congress strengthened its legislation prohibiting the sale of tobacco to minors and making the granting of federal aid conditional on the efforts of local authorities. to make its effective application (“Synar change”). Given that Barcelona is “once” considered one of the last urban paradises for smokers, the new law largely affects the way of life. The non-smoking law in Spain prohibits smoking in public places such as bars, restaurants, hotels, clubs, airports and train stations.