Descanso Medico De Incapacidad Medico Legal

The medico-legal inability to work has criminal effects, but no work. Therefore, it does not serve as an excuse not to participate in the work, said the fragmented Ministry of Social Protection (now the Ministry of Labour). The company clarified that the incapacity for work will only be credited to those who are affiliated to the social security system in the contributory scheme and who are linked as dependent or self-employed workers. Because of this disability, an expert determines the recovery time from an injury, taking into account its severity and the time it takes for the tissue to reach its primary biological repair. Incapacity for work, on the other hand, is defined as the period during which a person must leave the activities for which he or she receives remuneration or wage compensation due to a widespread illness, occupational disease or accident at work. In fact, in most cases, the effects of violence are recognized as having a common origin.